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Multi-professional advisory group dedicated to provide end-to-end assistance in creating and managing blockchain – driven assets and ecosystems

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Your vision will be converted into reality through consistent, determined actions.

We are one of the most qualified and creative advisory groups to provide end-to-end support in creating and managing token based digital economies and ecosystems. Our out-of-the box but achievable ideas have been successfully implemented even by the most complex projects in the cryptocurrencies world.

QuantBlock is a perfect blend of experienced analysts, data scientists and product managers from the fin-tech sector, connected by enthusiasm for the crypto industry.

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We innovate and push the boundaries

Our mission is to provide multi-angle support for clients operating in a digital economy market through 3 lines of services

Token Economy Design

We ensure you are equipped with an extensive package of documents, tools and reports allowing you to make data-driven decisions about your product’s future. This includes a multi-stage review & design process aimed at building comprehensive, bullet-proof, personalised token economy design, mathematical model behind it and public facing documentation describing your approach to the token.

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Due Diligence

A separate, multi-stage process in which we use our expertise, tools and proven qualitative & quantitative evaluation methods to assess if specific early-stage projects are worth further involvement as a potentially viable investment opportunity or a partner. This line of service is dedicated mostly to launchpads and VC ventures.

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Long term project support (product & project management, BA, analytics)

QuantBlock provides various forms of a long-term project support. We specialize in deployment and supervision of agile product development framework, efficient project management, business analytics and data science.   Our support includes assistance with product development prioritization of user stories, design and roadmap planning, setting up collaboration environment, preparation of user stories, data stress-testing, reporting and many other activities reinforcing your team’s capacity to deliver.

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Our clients and trusted partners

We collaborate with businesses that are successful in the crypto world.

Ongoing, long-term partnership with QuantBlock has made a visible, positive impact on our decision making process in crypto. QuantBlock is our ‘go-to’ recommendation when it comes to token economic advisory and professional due diligence. Deliverables are always provided in the highest standard. Impressive know-how and easy to work with.


Hartej Sawhney

We have worked with Darius and his team on Token Economy Design for a gaming project. Currently there is no other company in the crypto market that represents this level of creativity and standards in documentation preparation.


Aronu Ugochukwu

I highly recommend QuantBlock as a highly professional and experienced team to run the due diligence for your project. All the times we asked them for help, everything was performed at the top level, with professional advices and exlanations. I really enjoyed working with this skilled team and recommend everyone to use their services.


Anastasiia Ermolova

WiCrypt (decentralized Internet provider) is a very complex and innovative concept. We have been looking for someone reliable who we could trust to make the math and logic work. Quant Block provided the advisory and made the vision we had into reality.


Aronu Ugochukwu

“By speeding the development process, Tatum is enabling companies to bring finished blockchain applications into production with an immensely faster time to market”



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Core team

Nice to meet you

You will work alongside a team who value and embrace a highly collaborative environment.

Dariusz Duminski


Devoted fin-tech expert. His specialisation is financial products’ design, economic and financial documentation management. Master’s degree in Law, certified tax & accounting advisor. Before joining QuantBlock he was working with top-tier investment banks and consulting companies as project & process improvement manager and Python/SQL/VBA developer.

Michal Herzyk


Quantitative & investment professional with 5+ years of professional experience in crypto. Prior to crypto space, Michael worked in a fintech-focused corporate VC fund. Michal holds a master’s degree in Quantitative Methods in Economy and Computer Science and has been working as a quantitative consultant in Bancor and Bridge Mutual.