digital assets advisory

Quant Block

Multi-professional advisory group dedicated to provide end-to-end assistance in creating and managing
blockchain – driven assets and ecosystems

End to end advisory for digitial economies

Our mission is to provide end to end advisory for anyone seeking support in developing digital economy assets.  Being aware that blockchain-driven products and decentralized finance space is not functioning in void – we’re dedicated to multi-angle approach and sharing our expertise related to: 

  • Token economy and econometry 
  • Data analytics, market research and product viability assessment
  • Project, product and risk management 
  • Ad-hoc legal and tax advisory related to developed products 

Who do we work with?


Our expertise in delivering whitepapers and tokenomics documentations makes us perfect partners for every ICO/IDO project expecting professional, high-quality support

Existing projects

Even if your product is already live on the market, we’re still more than happy to help you optimize your token economy, improve your value accrual strategy and secure overall assets circulation.


We are highly valued partners in terms of delivering products’ viability assessment for launchpads and investment funds. If you seek structured, data-driven approach on making go/no-go investment decision, we’re here to help.

Our services

Market research

Deep dive market analysis, preparation of competitors products comparison matrix, market-to-penetrate assessment, summary report with key highlights.

Token economics

We prepare complete set of documents (such us whitepaper, allocation and distribution schedule, staking & liquidity mining strategy, etc.) based on agreed scope


We prepare (or auditing existing) solutions from a mathematical and applied economics perspective. It involves data-driven simulations and quantitative stress-tests of the adopted token economy

Technical descriptions

Being aware of how hard it might be to find common language with developers, we also include technical documentation of tokenomics instruments, intended to facilitate and speed up smart contract development.

Ongoing advisory

We’re more than happy to provide ongoing assistance with Advisory in the decision-making process in regard to network updates and further product development.

Due diligence

Separate service dedicated to launchpads and investment funds looking for a streamlined methodology of identifying potentially viable investment opportunities.
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Quant Block core team

Unlike most of advisory teams on the market we’ve decided to narrow down people involved in client-related matters. Instead of scaling-up and working with multiple clients at the same time, we are putting strong emphasis on quality of delivered products – that’s why we never engage into full-scope commitment with more than 2 client at the same time.  This way we can ensure quality of our work remain always on the same – highest possible – level.  

Even if specifics of a given service (like high-capacity viability assessment flow) require involvement of additional advisors or  specialists, we always ensure that every single final deliverable provided by QuantBlock goes through final review and sign-off made by a Quant Block core team. 


Dariusz Duminski


Darius is devoted data analyst specialized in data management, reporting and audit. His expertise is financial products’ design, tokenomics documentation, due diligence, and on-chain analysis. Master’s degree in Law, certified tax & accounting advisor, Python/SQL/VBA developer. 

Before his journey with DEFI and joining QuantBlock team he was working with top-tier investment banks and consulting companies including StateStreet, Standard Chartered Bank and PwC.

Michal Herzyk


Michal is a quantitative & investment professional with 5+ years of professional experience in crypto. 

Prior crypto space, Michael worked in a fintech-focused corporate VC fund. Michal holds a master’s degree in Quantitative Methods in Economy and Computer Science and has been working as quantitative consultant in Bancor and Bridge Mutual.

Our realizations & partners

Contact details

Please use below contact details for any questions or queries. We making every effort to remain under your disposal for 24/7 – our usual response time is no more than 24 working hours.